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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Writer Claims Negroponte Could Be Charged As Enemy Combatant Under Provisions Of the Patriot Act

Excellent background and context.

...Luckily, there is still one hope for justice. Let's look at two important facts:

1) The current Bush Administration has set a precedent, freely applying the label of "enemy combatant" to those it feels are working or have worked with the enemy against the United States.

2) The "Patriot" Act has a clause that eliminates the statute of limitations on such matters (USPA: Title VIII, Sec. 809).

Given that evidence already exists that Weinberger, McFarlane, Abrams and their associated group, (which included Negroponte) were involved in "aiding the enemy" it is certainly within recent character and precedent to take them into custody, indefinitely and without being charged, being named or being counseled. In fact, under current definitions and past evidence, the entire Reagan Administration qualifies as "enemy combatants". But this article is about despicable presidential appointments, not despicable presidential administrations....READ MORE:


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