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Friday, February 18, 2005


By David Podvin

The United States Senate is a place where those who can’t tell the difference between right and wrong perpetrate evil with the complicity of those who can. Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy can certainly tell the difference, but like his Democratic colleagues he doesn’t allow that ability to affect his behavior.

When considering the nomination of Condoleeza Rice to be Secretary of State, Leahy noted that Rice was an incompetent National Security Advisor who had repeatedly deceived the American people. The senator then said this: “My vote in favor of Dr. Rice is difficult to explain. It is more the product of a belief than a cold analysis of her record. I believe that Dr. Rice is capable of learning from her mistakes and changing her ways. That she will rise to this new challenge. That she can be a good Secretary of State.”

Leahy’s vote is not difficult to explain. He is a coward whose stated principles have no practical significance. This real life Barney Fife is so obsessed with capitulating to an administration that has tarred Democrats as unpatriotic that he gave Rice the benefit of the doubt even after admitting there was no doubt.

The Democratic rank and file has been betrayed by losers like Leahy for so long that any brief respite from the torment is greeted with a sincere outpouring of gratitude. When Barbara Boxer aggressively interrogated Rice about the Bush sycophant’s criminality, Boxer was hailed as a hero by liberals across America. There was a time when brave Democrats risked their lives to promote social justice by taking stands against the ruling class, but the party’s greatly reduced threshold for heroism now consists of the willingness to criticize a perjurer.

A Democratic senator is supposed to condemn a nominee who deceived this nation into supporting an illegal war and then helped prosecute that war in a barbaric manner. Praising a Democrat for not passively submitting to the depravity of Condoleezza Rice is morally equivalent to exalting a business partner for not embezzling. It is an excruciatingly degraded standard by which to judge people. PLEASE READ MORE:


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