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Thursday, February 10, 2005

So, What's New?

Karl Rove brings his unique brand of Dirty Tricks to US Foreign Policy.

The ringer that Bush brought to lob him softballs during press conferences turns out to be either a male prostitute or a pimp (or both).

The Medicare Drug giveaway will cost almost twice what the white house originally claimed (even greater than the amount they know about but suppressed at the time of the vote).

As the vote count in the Iraqi "elections" appears to favor Islamic theocrats, the results have mysteriously been delayed for an undetermined amount of time.

Hints abound that the administration will default on SS trust fund bonds.

The 911 commission report that the administration first opposed, and then suppressed until after the elections, claims that the FAA know about threats of suicide highjackings and alerted the Nation Security Advisor.

40 people reported killed in Iraq today.

North Korea has nuclear weapons which it claims it needs to defend itself from an increasingly belligerent US.

That's all.



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