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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Liberals In Fantasy Land

The LA Times today was rife with articles proclaiming the great Bush turnaround. That now, beginning with his second term, he really will start working for America's best interest. For example, self-proclaimed Democrat Nancy E. Soderberg in A Second-Term Shift? gushes that Condoleezza Rice's new rhetoric could very well lead to a Nobel Peace Prize. And Ivo H. Daalder of the Brookings Institute co-authors a piece called A Second-Term Shift? in which he confidently opines "Bush could be our next goodwill ambassador for policies that will benefit U.S. and EU".

Are these people insane? We constantly berate the right for "not living in a reality based world". But are we any better? Why do we keep hoping that the man who is arguably the worst president in US history will suddenly morph into a competent and caring leader? Is it because we are afraid? Is it just to horrible to think that our country has been taken over by looters, criminals, and incompetents? Pollyanna Liberals need to get a grip. Jesuz! First they should read David Podvin's piece Who Sucks?, then ask themselves "Has the Bush administration, given the choice between politics and people, corporations and people, or power and people, ever chosen "people""? Ever?

Bush is not someone who makes decisions. He is the hireling (and product) of a radical rightwing coalition which has come to power with a different agenda for America from the one you or I might have. In their view only people of wealth have value. Thus it is the government's job to encourage and protect the interests of the valuable (the wealthy). Their view of Democracy is not "one man, one vote", but "one dollar, one vote". Hence the actions by the Bush administration, to move wealth from the lower to the upper classes, to undermine the public education system, and to starve into extinction all regulatory agencies and social service programs, make sense. The end goal is to create a two class society: The tiny wealthy citizen class and the huge rightless, moneyless, cheap labor class.

This is the plan, and so far, no one has offered any real opposition to it. And as long as no one effectively does, there is no reason to change. Thinking so is just fantasy.


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