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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fanatics Rejoice: It is Your Time Now

(but it will be my time after a while) -- Buddy Guy (paraphrase)

From Guns, Germs, and Steel, pps. 281-282. Discussing reasons for the rise of states over earlier bands, tribes, and chiefdoms:
"...Second, the official religions and patriotic fervor of many states make their troops willing to fight suicidally. [this] willingness is one so strongly programmed into us citizens of modern states, by our schools and churches and government, that we forget what a radical break it marks with previous human history. Every state has its slogan urging its citizens to be prepared to die if necessary for the state. ... Such sentiments are unthinkable in bands and tribes. ...Fanaticism in war, of the type that drove recorded Christian and Islamic conquests, was probably unknown on Earth until chiefdoms and especially states emerged within the last 6,000 years."


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