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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Congress Legislating in the Public Interest

Almost all of us have grown up in an era where the concept of Congress "looking out for the public good" has been taken for granted. This umbrella of protection seems natural and we assume it has always been there and will continue on into the future for our children to enjoy. But in reality it began with a series of supreme court rulings in 1937. But now the Bush administration is working to overturn this idea and return us to a pre 1937 reality wherein the government sees as its mandate to promote and protect big business. We are truly entering a dark time.

Who would Have Thought?

So now it appears that the 911 Intel bill that the Senate just passed (with no Senators actually having read the final draft) is an expansion of the Patriot Act and contains many of the elements of the rumored Patriot II Act.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Questions About Evolution

If George Lakoff and Paul Krugman had a child would it be fatter than Karl Rove?


I had a dream last night

that the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) was out. As I was browsing through I found that, in the new edition, religious fundamentalism was included in the listing of mental disorders. Armed with this authority, I formed a citizens group petitioning for a new constitutional amendment aimed at prohibiting members of fundamentalist organizations from owning guns or having children. I woke up feeling great.


Another Beginning

In the novels of William S. Burroughs, the World's End Pissoir was the hangout of choice for those characters of low stamp who wanted, so desparately, to be "hep". This image, complete with all it's attendant irony, has stuck with me through the years, gathering force in inverse proportion to the declining "quality" of American culture. Now, as we find ourselves in a place and a time where those same sort of folks have actually grabbed control of our country, the metaphor seems appropriate for my blog. This will be a place where I will try and comment on those events that seem the most important and interesting. If I am not able to add any new insights at least I will be able to vent.


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